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Results of Competitions

 International Sandsculpture Competition Rorschach 2005

15.-20. August 2005
Motto: «men and machine»

1. Preis:
Team 3 | Kirsten Andersen und Anique Kuizenga | Dänemark/Holland
«Gib mir meinen Körper zurück?!»

2. Preis:
Team 5 | Viktor Tsarski und Liliya Pobornikova | Bulgarien
«Artificial nature»

3. Preis:
Team 8 | Sandis Kondrats und Uldis Zarins | Lettland
«Adam and Eve»

Team 4 | Maxim Gazendam und Quinten Gazendam | Holland
«Sand Sculpting Machine»


More info: www.sandskulpturen.ch/

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Sandsculpture Festival Brighton, England 2005

Date: 14th of July - 11th September
Location: Brighton, England
Theme: Egypt
Info: Festival organised by Inaxi


More photos: http://inaxi.com/gallery2/view_album.php?set_albumName=2005-brighton

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Sandsculpture Festival Travemunde 2005


Sand quantity: 9.000 tons of Sand
Site: approx. 10.000 square meters
Hight: up to 11 m
Time of construction: approx. four weeks
Delivery of sand: from June 13th 2005
Compacting phase: June 20th -27th 2005
Carving phase June 28th - July 10th 2005  
No. of carver: approx. 75 international carver
Location: Travemunde, Germany
Theme: Fairy tales, Fabulos & Magical
Info: Festival organised by Inaxi





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Projects Sand Sculpture Festival Lommel (B) 2005

Date: 01/07/2005 - 31/08/2005
Location: Lommel Belgium
Theme: Fairy Tales
Websites: www.zandsculpturen.org

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Sand Sculpture Festival Apeldoorn (NL) 2005

Date: 1 juni tot 15 augustus 2005
Location: Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Theme: Discover ancient Egypt
Info: Festival orginised by Accress
Websites: http://www.zandsculptuurapeldoorn.nl

More Photos:  http://www.liessmit.nl/html/sculpturen.htm


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